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Why do most SMMEs struggle to grow?

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    Products and services are poorly developed and will have low demand in the marketplace.

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    They have great products & services but the business model and marketing execution are weak.

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    Inexperienced employees and the difficulty in hiring quality strategic management and marketing personnel.

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    Entrepreneurs starts doubting themselves and lose the morale and conviction needed to build a great business.

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    The solutions that they have access to are too theoretical and lacks practical application in their specific business environment.

What do we do to solve these problems?

We work with business leaders and owners who are looking to thrive in today’s shifting marketplace. We help clients understand and seize opportunities at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology.

As a result, our clients can create optimal customer value, through a unique process that results in a crystal-clear mission and purpose, an unambiguous owner mindset and a relentless obsession with employees to restore speed, focus and connection with customers.

How do we do it?


Improves SMMEs Product and service quality and  ensures scalability

Our 3-step process dramatically improves the effectiveness of marketing and business strategy execution. Strategic business coaching and targeted online and app-based learning modules from Harvard meaningfully impacts owners’ mindset,  rejuvenates and elevates the focus of SME owners


Integrated input and feedback between Coaching  and Marketing activities to improve both.


Takes great products and services and puts them in front of the target market.

Create complete Marketing Strategies that align with business goals, target market, unique selling propositions, and budget and then roll out practical marketing deliverables to increase sales.

How do we provide these services?

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    We provide individualized business coaching packages to facilitate new behaviour adoption and embed success

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    We charge a project fee for the development of the marketing and brand strategy.

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    We charge a monthly retainer fee for monthly marketing management and execution.

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